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Child Protection & Youth Development

Nabolok started its development work for 2500 disadvantaged children especially involved in hazardous work since 2006 at Gazipur City Corporation to withdraw children from hazardous work and also ensure enabling working environment for working children.

Education Support:  

Nabolok has Six Learning and Recreation Centers (L&R Centre) with school set up to provide education and other recreation facilities for vulnerable working children. During August 2013-July 2016, 1650 children will be mainstreamed to formal school, 1000 children will receive pre-school services. These children age 6-9 years will be mainstreamed into formal school. 750 working children age 6–14 will receives non-formal education and after successful   completion of non-formal education they will be admitted into formal school so that they can be withdrawn from hazardous job as they have easy access to join and earn from hazardous job and contribute in family income. Nabolok published own book for L & R Center to provide basic education and prepare them to enroll in formal school.

Sensitization and Motivation against Child Labor:

Nabolok conducted sensitization and motivation work on child rights, adverse impact of child labor, enabling working environment for the local factory owners and stakeholders. From close interaction with them, found that parents are unaware of hazardous form of working place as well as importance of education. Nabolok will provide proper direction in this regard.

Health Practices

With the assistance of International Medical College we are providing heath support in 2 L & R Centre initially. Along with this Nabolok delivers various messages regarding personal hygiene. First aid box for initial treatment has also been kept in its 6 L & R Centre and 1 day care.

Vocational Training for Child Labour: 

To ensure safe and better working place Nabolok provides skill development training for the children engaged in unsafe working places. We have provided trainings to 80 beneficiaries on tailoring, beautification, net bag making, local mini garments and IGA for the parents.

Information of mainstream children into Different school:  

500 children receive in education in 5 schools and 258 children enrolled in different formal school.

Strong motivation work as proactive measure.

Many parents engaged their children only for ignorance, because hazardous job available here. Strong motivation work here as proactive measure which helps to take them right decision. 2 children’s work in Spoon Factory, they also the member of Local Watch Forum. After attending Local Watch Forum and next morning they informed their owner that they wanted to enrol school. Many working children attend in the L & R Centre cheerfully without any returns because their parents now wanted to believe that education is basic rights of human being which they have not achieve.

Active participation of Local Elected body to make event more fruitful

3 counselors attended in 3 Local Watch Forum meeting and they provided oath that they are always be with Nabolok which work for the welfare of working children. They also said that they helps to provide birth registration with minimum cost and as soon as possible.

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