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Child & Adult Education


Nabolok is conducting its education program for more than one decade. At present Nabolok is conducting its both urban and education programs. In rural regions of Bangladesh students are not being deprived of science education due to lack of knowledge, lack of facilities in the schools, unawareness of the guardians etc. Nabolok has been working on science education promotion at Rampal upazila of Bagerhat district since 2009 for students who have never got facilities of science education.Nabolok is also working to ensure enabling working condition and  reduce hazardous work by enrolling them in school for the child labor in workplace of Gazipur City Corporation since 2006

Education Support:  

Nabolok has Six Learning and Recreation Centers (L&R Centre) with school set up to provide education and other recreation facilities for vulnerable working children. Nabolok published own book for L & R Center to provide basic education and prepare them to enroll in formal school. Nabolok has plan to mainstream 1650 children to formal school and to provide pre-school services  to 1000 children. These children age 6-9 years will be mainstreamed into formal school. 750 working children age 6–14 will receives non-formal education and after successful   completion of non-formal education they will be admitted into formal school so that they can be withdrawn from hazardous job.

Science Club:

To promote science education and make motivation and coordination among students of 20 rural secondary schools of Rampal Upazila of Bagerhat District, 20 science clubs have been formed at 20 schools. These clubs will aggregate the students and orient them towards science education. To execute the science club 20 executive committees have been formed in 20 secondary schools. Each school has an advisory committee of 3 members. These committees take decision and advice about the sustainability and development of the science education.

Science Fair

To encourage and involve students in science education school based science fair are being organized each year and at Science Fair 2013 a total of 45 schools of Rampal Upazila participated. This fair not only encouraged other students towards science education but also the guardians and teachers to motivate their child or students towards science education. Beside the exhibitions there were arrangements for debate competition regarding science related issues

 Motivation & Awareness towards Science Education:

To make people oriented towards science education including guardians, teachers, students and civil society member’s seminars and community meeting have been arranged.

To make aware the guardians about the need and merits of science education seminar are organized in regular basis.

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