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National Parliament Election Observation & Upazila Election Observation


Nabolok has been working with EWG since 2008 in voter education and election observation. Nabolok was given the responsibility of Voter and Civic Education and Observation of the 9th Parliamentary Election in 47 Unions of 6 Thanas of Bagerhat and Khulna districts by the EWG and Asia Foundation. Nabolok had, through its partners prepared the ground for observation of the cancelled parliamentary election by appointing the necessary manpower.

In mostly Nabolok worked on voter and civic education, pre-election observation election day observation and post-election observation. Under this program establishment of Citizen’s Alliances for Promoting Transparency and Accountability (CAPTAs or accountability committees) at the upazila level were formed by Nabolok. In 03 constituencies, Nabolok established 07 CAPTA committees. NABOLOK arranged 07 shows of cultural program in their working area and 10 thousand people enjoy that show. Nabolok implemented two pre-election environment assessment surveys. On Election Day Nabolok deployed 1531 Election Day observers for Bagerhat- 01, 03 and 04 and also conducted a post-election environment survey.

Nabolok Conducted pre, post & election day observation activities at 4 constituencies of Khulna & Bagerhat District in 10th Parliament Election. Nabolok conducted Election Day observation activities at 4th Upazila Election at Digholia, Koyra, Dumuria & Batiaghata Upazila of Khulna District and Rampal & Mongla Upazila of Bagerhat District deploying 216 short term observer. Beside this Nabolok also conducting voter list update awareness campaign & observation in this mean time.


NABOLOK has taken various advocacy activities on human rights, climate change justice, land rights, women rights and empowerment, environmental hazards, governance & democracy etc. In 2005 NABOLOK has formed the Fakirhat Upazila Climate Committee including the 4 Union Parishad (Fakirhat, Bahirdia, Naldha-Moubogh & Mulghar) and the civil society members for advocacy to mitigate the water logging in Fakirhat, which has caused loss of occupation for the owners of those lands and pushed them down into poverty. The committee organized a dialogue with the Upazila administration on March 2005.

Capacity building and strengthening the Local Government

The Chairpersons and members of Union Parishads in Fakirhat Upazila used to be provided with training of various kinds under the BftW project implemented until 2003, they are included in our various activities under the NABOLOK-CARE RVCC Project being implemented in Fakirhat.

Under the RVCC project NABOLOK took various activities to build up the capacity of the Union Parishad to cope with Climate Change related vulnerabilities of the people. Under the project activity NABOLOK organized training on UP’s role and responsibility, gender development, resource Mapping, Inter-linking assessment, good governance, participatory planning and quarterly sharing session in the 4 UP’s of Fakirhat. With the initiative of NABOLOK the UP members and local civil society members jointly formed a Upazila Climate Committee for advocacy campaign to reduce the water logging of Fakirhat. This 4 UP’s also drew up a three years plan (2005 to 2007) and budget for their respective UPs.

Under VILLAGE project, NABOLOK has held a number of opinion sharing sessions with 8 Union Parishads in Rampal, in preparation for developing a more intimate relationship. NABOLOK also organized role and responsibility training, training on Gender awareness, Workshop on local resource mobilization with Local Elected Bodies (LEBs) and preparing 3 years development plan, Training for Gram-Police (Village Police) and VDP on their roles & responsibilities, NABOLOK also developed Linkages and coordination with Union and Upazila level Disaster Management and Preparedness (DMP) Committee through coordination meeting.


Women & children trafficking

Under the VILLAGE project in Rampal NABOLOK has taken initiatives of awareness campaigns and strong motivation through Folk Song, Court yard meeting & large scale discussion with group members and local civil society members. NABOLOK prepare a folk song on Women & child trafficking. These folk songs become very popular and effective to address the community people.

Child Labor Rights from Tongi City Corporation

Nabolok is working to Prevent and eliminate worst forms of child labour from since 2006 in Tongi. The targer of Nabolok is to mainstream working children into education and prevented and withdrawn from hazardous work,. Major activities are development (education and health) and rehabilitation (vocational skill) support for working children to help them mainstream and facilitate prevention (awareness) and protection (Code of Conduct) measures at community and workplace through working with children, parents, employers, City Corporation Mayor and councillors, authority, civil society and other stakeholders. Nabolok is working with the child rights of 1200 children (845 boys, 355 girls) as direct beneficiaries

Protect domestic violence against women:

Domestic violence becomes a serious issue in the family lives of the married women in Bangladesh as well as in the Sub-Continent. In 2005 NABOLOK joined an alliance led by Oxfam GB, to address domestic violence against women.

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