An Organaization For Peoples Empowerment

Strategic Objectives & Directions

Strategic Objectives:

  • Contribute in poverty alleviation through enhancing food security and income increase through sustainable agricultural practices and entrepreneurship development.
  • Strengthen people towards disaster management and coping with adverse climatic situation.
  • Contribute for sustainable environment and conservation of nature.
  • Empower people through greater participation in development initiatives.
  • Increase family and social integrity with special emphasis on gender equity.
  • Reduce malnutrition and improve health situation of child and women in particular.
  • Ensure good governance to secure rights of the people.


Strategic Direction

The development strategy of Nabolok comprises two major components:

  1. Poverty reduction &
  2. Empowerment of the marginalized people in particular female.


In pursuance of those objectives, the organization has given priorities to the process of people’s participation in development. Nabolok believes that the marginalized groups mainly suffer from lack of enlightenment and access to resources. Development therefore is by no means an economic problem only. Social and other issues need to be counted with the economic growth, & it can only be achieved by ensuring a process of people’s empowerment. One of the main components of Nabolok above strategy is to work as a facilitator to initiate the process by:

  1. Making the group aware to assert their own rights. It requires transformation of society. Such transformation is to be achieved by the people themselves. From this point of view, development is an integral part of building people’s institutions.
  2. Assisting people to be united in a homogeneous interest group.
  3. Preparing them so that they can plan, control and manage their own affairs without outside assistance.
  4. Forming a central structure of people’s institutions at Upazila level through a democratic process, which will supervise and develop the group to serve the ends, side by side strengthen the local electoral body.


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