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PRHCL Project

Protect and Reform Hazardous form of Child Labor Project

To contribute in human capital development, child labour should be eliminated and replaced by universal education because this is the method to protect and promote the rights of children, which is the recognized obligation of states and societies. Nabolok is working at Tongi Pourashave of Gazipur district since 2006 to eliminate child labour from hazardous working place. At present Nabolok’s is implementing “Protect and Reform Hazardous form of Child Labor” (PRHCL) project with assistance of Manusher Jonno Foundation started from August 2014. The purpose of the project is to withdraw children from GoB listed hazardous workplaces creating conducive working environment for the working children who are lawfully eligible to work in non-hazardous works.

Major Activity:

Learning & Recreation Centre:

To provide education and recreational facilities for vulnerable working children Nabolok has established 5 learning and Recreation Centres (L&R Centre) where 1650 vulnerable children will be mainstreamed to formal school through pre-school services, non-formal education in the project period and after successful   completion of non-formal education they will be admitted into formal school. At present around 964 children are receiving educations from 5 centers and have a school management committee in each school to regularly monitor L & R Centre.

Capacity Development:

Nabolok established linkage with other centres/trainers that provide vocational training to children engaged in hazardous work on selected need-based trades (e.g. Tailoring – 50, local mini garments – 70) so that they can choose alternative livelihood options and gradually withdraw from hazardous work.

Formation of Local and Central Watch Forum:

5 Local Watch Forum (LWF) and one Central Watch Forum (CWF) was formed under the project to ensure the community involvement in the monitoring of the project activity as well as the increase the community involvement. The members of that forum are always coordinating with project staffs to field level monitoring & run program correctly and time to time shared the experience among thems

Coordination  with stakeholder:

From the beginning of the project Nabolok is continuously arranged meeting with parents and employer to ensure the coordination and . As a result many parents learn about negative consequences of child labour. So they do agree to send their children in school in spite of send their children in work. Employer also changes their behavior to child labour and slowly they are obeying the Code of conduct. Even they give opportunity to their child labour for education. Therefore meeting with school management committee (SMC), Advocacy networking meeting with Go/Ngo and health service provider, Meeting with formal school teachers keep project activities dynamic.

Health Camp:

Nabolok conduct health camp in 6 L & R center by Gono Shastho Kandra (GSK) to provide health support and basic medicine. During this project time by providing health card Nabolok will create opportunity for 2500 Children to get health service.

Support for Mainstream Children:

After mainstream in formal school Nabolok provides school uniform and bag to 1750 children for continuation their education. Till now 1205 children were get those facility from Nabolok.

Staff Capacity Building Training:

Training for staff mainly developed capacity of staff which helps to achieve target. Training on community mobilization helps staff to know how to mobilize community people by engaging them with implementing activity. We have already complete community mobilization training by support of MJF at ALOK.

Day Observation:

Every year Nabolok is observing International Day of Elimination of Child Labour, 12th June and 21st February once in a year. In both program children are participating in various competition such as art, song, dance, hand writing etc. They also participating cultural program.

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