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EDRCS Project

Project Duration:                     1st April, 2023 to 31st March, 2026
Project Budget:                         BDT 51169251
Lead Implementing Partner:    Nabolok
Sub Partner:                               Access Bangladesh Foundation
Project location:
District: Satkhira
Sub-district: Shyamnagar
Union: Burigoalini, Padmapukur, Bhurulia, Ramjan Nagar and Shyamnagar sadar
The south-west coastal belt of Bangladesh is highly vulnerable due to climate change and natural disaster historically. The impacts include inundation from sea level rise, damage from storm surges and loss of water bodies and increased salinity of land from saltwater ingression, death toll from cyclone. Economically Khulna is also stricken areas below the poverty line1. The GoB has identified climate change as the burning threat to national development for all segments of people, including Persons with Disabilities. The START fund study also mentioned that high population density (1265 persons/ and shallow coastal from near the Bay of Bengal exacerbates the exposure of cyclone shelter economic damages are on an increasing trend. Cyclone and storm surge during the considered period caused 158 deaths, $2.3 billion economic loss, affected 7.05 million people, displaced 6.34 million people, Cyclone Amphan resulted in highest economic loss of $ 1.5 billion along with significant death and displacement. Moreover, annually a total of 12.10 million people could be impacted out of 18.33 million exposed people in next five years. According to Multi hazard risk assessment Satkhira district is at high risk prone to cyclone. CBM Global Bangladesh conducted a pre project analysis in Khulna region in 2021. The overall objective of the project is that “People with Disabilities, their representative organizations and other at-risk groups are better prepared for climate induced disasters through improved community preparedness and inclusive local DRR and CCA policy and plans and access to climate resilient livelihoods in targeted unions of Satkhira, Bangladesh.” The project will focus on going three things: Outcome-1: Improved disability inclusive preparedness for climate induced disaster by OPDs, Communities and local government of targeted unions of Shyamnagar Sub-district of Satkhira by 2026. Outcome-2: Improved resilient source of income of persons with disabilities and other at-risk groups in the targeted unions of Shyamnagar sub-district of Satkhira by 2026. Outcome-3: Commitment from local and national government to implement disability inclusive plans and programmes for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. The project is being piloted in Satkhira district and then will be scaled up in other districts through policy advocacy jointly with government, OPDS, research institutions and private sector.

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