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Step & BuildIn Project

Budget: BDT. 67,791,710.00
Project Area:  8 villages of Sutarkhali and Kamarkhola unions of Dacope Upazila
Beneficiaries:  Direct Beneficiary – 2000 HHs
Indirect Beneficiary – 2500HHs
Project Title
Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Building Infrastructure for Disaster Vulnerable Communities in Bangladesh
Goal: Improving the life and livelihoods of climate and disaster vulnerable communities in Bangladesh.
  • Strengthen knowledge, response and recovery capacity of different stakeholders
  • Reduce the disaster risk through improving physical structure and providing improve adaptive services to the community
  • Reduce the vulnerability of the community people through providing improved and alternative livelihoods
  • Awareness building through interactive learning meetings (Courtyard / Community meetings)
  • Formation/reformation of Ward Disaster Management Committees
  • Facilitate regular meetings of WDMC, UDMC and other committees
  • Household (HH)-based Disaster Risk Assessment/CRA trainings to staff
  • Disaster Risk Assessment/CRA at field and local planning and validation workshops
  • Capacity Building trainings on disaster related issues for WDMC and Volunteers (approx. 1,700 participants)
  • Provide rescue materials (first aid box, vest, life jacket, umbrella, T-shirts, bag, Covid-19 safety materials and others) to WDMC/Volunteers and staff for emergency response and recovery
  • Mock drills for disaster preparedness, rescue and recovery
  • Advocacy Workshops/Meetings with local GO/NGO
  • Celebrate National and Disaster/Environment related days and participate in GoB fair
  • Setting-up and equipment of evacuation spaces (Schools and other educational institutions)
  • Tree Plantation/rural gardening at 8 Embankment/Roads and HH level
  • Provision of disaster and emergency rescue boats (life jacket, torch light, umbrella, rain coats, tarpaulins etc.)
  • Provide skill development trainings and AIGA support
  • Trainings on business models and introducing local entrepreneurship for disaster resilient adaptive livelihood
  • Trainings on Adaptive Agriculture and input support
  • Linkage development with government and private service providers

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