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PACE Project

Promoting Agricultural commercialization and Enterprises (PACE)

Employment Creation and Income Generation through Improved Carp-Golda Mixed Culture Value Chain Development and Marketing Project
As the shrimp is an exportable product, so for surviving in global market competition it is very essential to follow the Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP) and keep tractability record. But most of the shrimp farmer in the project area ‍are ignorant about the GAP, and also they are indifferent on tractability system. They are not able to produce the desired amount of shrimp due to lack of technical skills. Farmers are not very aware of the international shrimp market, quality control and processing for exports. Due to lack of good communication with the traders and depot owners, the farmers are deprived of fair prices in the sale of produced goods. ‘Carp Golda mixed culture value chain development project’ will create cluster-based 100 groups with the selected farmers to solve the problems mentioned in the scheme. 1 lead farmer and 2 assistant lead farmers will be selected from each 4 groups. Farmers will be provided training and necessary technical services and advice on the management, diagnosis, prevention and remedies of cultivation and shrimp and fish diseases. The products produced by the farmers will be connected to the direct processing plant or commission agent for sale at a fair price. Apart from this, various activities related to the project will be implemented to meet the project goals and the farmers will be connected to different stakeholders.
With the support of PKSF under its Promoting Agricultural commercialization and Enterprises Project (PACE) Nabolok started Implementing Carp-Golda Mixed Culture Value Chain Development Project from 16 February 2017. The duration of the project is 36 months and the project will end at 15 February 2020. Nabolok is implementing this Project at 18 unions of Fakirhat, Bagerhat Sadar, Chitalmari Upazila under Bagerhat district and total beneficiaries of this project is 3000 Farmers.
Project Goal
Increasing the income of the entrepreneurs and improving the quality of life by increasing the productivity and marketing of quality fishes through Carp-Golda mixed culture in improved methods.
Project Objectives
  • Adopting the environment friendly Carp-Golda mixed farming practices and strengthening business environment and market linking by practicing modern methods.
  • Reducing production costs and increasing productivity by properly utilizing quality materials.
  • Creating a wage-based employment and creating new entrepreneurs for the poor and the poorer people.
  • Most of all, Increase the income of the farmers
Project Location and Target beneficiaries:
Fakirhat, Piljang, Mulghar, Betaga, Lakhpur, Shubhadia and Bahirdia
Bagerhat sadar
Karapara, Bemorta, Gotapara, Rakhalgachi, Khanpur and Jatrapur
Chitalmari, Santoshpur, Charbaniari, Hijla and Shibpur
Major interventions:
  • Group formation, selection of Lead farmer and Assistant Lead farmer and develop their profiles
  • Positioning selected farms using the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Lead Farmers Training on Carp-Golda Mixed culture in light of Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP)
  • Farmers Training on Carp-Golda Mixed culture in context of Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP)
  • Establishing Demonstration farm on Carp-Golda Mixed culture in context of Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP)
  • Exposer visits to the ideal farms
  • Habituated farmers to using record books to preserve their income and expenditure and the materials supply information
  • Issue based training on Management of Farm Record Books, Business Planning, Food Security, Climate Change, Gender etc.
  • Meeting with Marketers like Bepari, Fariya, Aratdar in order to maintain the quality of shrimp for safe fish marketing.
  • Workshop to establish market linkage among the hatchery owner, PL supplier, Arotdar, depot owner, dealer, institutional buyer / shrimp and fish processing company, suppliers or transporter, contract grower including other stakeholders.
  • Establishment of Fish Collection Center
  • Skill development training to the administrative and logistic personnel on value chain development
  • Training to the Project coordinator, Value chain facilitator and Assistant value chain facilitators on Carp-Golda Mixed culture in context of Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP)
  • Baseline Survey and Preparation of Baseline report of selected farmers
  • Final Survey and Preparation of Final report
  • Training to the Assistant Lead Farmers on Water quality management and operating of test equipment
  • Training of Nurserer on Probiotic and all male-all female technology
  • Test kit distribution to the lead farmers under the technology project
 Achievement of the project:
About 80 farmer groups suitable for Carp-Golda mixed culture have been formed with about 2400 fish farmers under the project within reporting period and their profile have been preserved.







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