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Humanitarian aid in the areas of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as humanitarian protection for vulnerable members of Rohingya and host communities in the region Teknaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh.

More than one year into this multifaceted collaborative response, the situation has gradually begun to stabilize. Basic assistance has been provided, living conditions in the camps have improved somewhat and disaster risk mitigation measures have been largely successful. However, despite progress, the Rohingya remain in an extremely precarious situation. The root causes of their plight in Myanmar have not been addressed and their future is yet uncertain. Refugees have access to the basics, such as food and health care, but they are still extremely vulnerable, living in highly challenging circumstances, exposed to the monsoon elements and dependent on aid. During this situation rohingya communities were feeling primarily basic needs as shelter, food, water & sanitation, health & nutrition support and protection issues. In this situation UN bodies, international communities and many non-government development organizations were working for improving the rohingya crises in Bangladesh and Nabolok also from July 2018 to till date. First time Nabolok communicated with WASH focal agency of camp-26 for working area selection. After discussion with focal agency of WASH, Nabolok has selected Block-D, E and I under camp-26 for working of WASH activity under “WASH Emergency Support for Displaced Rohingya Community in TeknafUpazila, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Project”.

From beginning Nabolok has been started emergency work with the financial support from July 2018. And then  from June 2019 the German Federal Foreign Office/GFFO  and DiakonieKatastrophenhilfe-Germany jointly donate for the project onwards.

Name of the Project

Humanitarian aid in the areas of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene,  as well as humanitarian protection for vulnerable members of Rohingya and host communities in the region TeknafUpazila, Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh (Duration: June 2019 to November 2020);

Main driven factors behind project design

There was some major problem here at camp for what the project has implemented just as:

  • After influx a huge number of Rohingya refugees here at camp and especially at our project area there was not sufficient WASH facilities according to their density as a result they were used to evacuate openly, drink impure water, putting dust anywhere etc. which was very unhygienic. Though some organization were working but it was not sufficient. After observing this situation Nabolok has started to implement this project.
  • First necessity of a human being is food Rohingya Refugees was not out of this necessity and they had to cook their food which required fuel. They manage this fuel by cutting down trees which was a great threat for our environment that’s why Nabolok has started distributing LGP and stove to save our environment and to reduce their sufferings.
  • Rohingya refugees have settled at Ukhiya and teknaf in cox’s bazar district which is hilly land and electricity is not available everywhere at camp. So there were no lighting facilities for beneficiaries during night at inside and outside their house. There was no safety for movement during night especially for women and majority of family using fire lamp inside their house during night which is very risky.


To provide humanitarian assistance to especially vulnerable members of Rohingya and host communities.


  • To Ensure provision of life saving water and sanitation services and increasing health seeking behaviors by WASH activities.
  • To ensure cooking fuel support for vulnerable Rohingya communities.
  • To improve existing site management for ensuring safety and security.

Major Interventions

Major intervention of the projects are as follows:

  • Water treatment plant(ARO)- it’s a dream project for us by this project we will purify water of NAF river and distribute to Rohingya beneficiaries and host community so that beneficiaries can get pure water for Drinking.
  • Pit Latrine– Beneficiaries were used to evacuate at open place because there was not sufficient and healthy latrine at camp. Then we have installed 92pit latrines for Rohingya community and 20 pit latrines for host community. Now they are using these latrines and leading a healthy life.
  • Bath House-Considering the gender there was no bathing facilities at our project area in teknaf after observing this we have constructed 35 bath house for Rohingya community especially for women here at camp.
  • Dustbin & Dumping station– like above facilities there was no healthy facilities for solid waste management at our project area we also installed 27 nos. dustbin for Rohingya community and 05 nos. for Host community and 03 nos. dumping station for solid waste management so that they can live a healthy life.
  • Fecal Sludge Management (FSM)-We also constructed 2 FSM at different location for fecal sludge management and dislodging regularly so that they can use latrine without any disturbance.
  • Hygiene Awareness Session-For creation of awareness on hygiene issue among the Rohngya and Host communities Nabolok has been implementing different awareness session into Rohingya women and adolescent, school children and Imam & Teachers as well as host community. Number of 160 groups’ women & adolescent, 34 nos. school session and 05 batches Imam & Teachers orientation have been conducted during this time.
  • Hygiene kits distribution-For ensuring healthy practices at family level in Rohingya community Nabolok has been distributed number of 1445 nos. hygiene kits for 1445 families in two times.
  • Solar Street Light– Nabolok also provided protection facilities for that we have installed 300 nos. of solar street light for both Rohingya and Host community. Before installation of these solar street light, movement of beneficiaries during night especially for women were risky after having this facility they can move easily when they need.
  • LPG cooking set, cylinder and refill distribution-Considering the consumption of fuel wood Nabolok has distributed 2500 nos. LPG cooking sets for Rohingya and 650 sets for Host community during reporting period including safety and security training on LPG cooking set operation for each beneficiaries. After that all beneficiaries are getting refill for every month according to distribution plan.

Besides above all facilities we also maintaining regularly our every latrine, Dustbin, Dumping station, Bathe house our volunteer. Also we are monitoring regularly our Project area for improving and increasing our Facilities just as to, if anywhere beneficiaries are in trouble or where they need more facilities.

ARO Plant & Fresh Water Distribution

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