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Microcredit Program

Nabolok is currently implementing it’s micro finance program at 4  districts under Khulna division with the support of PKSF. In this fiscal year Nabolok has serving micro credit among 33700 beneficiaries

 Major Component:

Rural Microcredit:

Nabolok has rural microcredit loan provision in urban area on rickshaw, small scale business, van etc. The limit of the loan is 5,000 tk -29,000 tk with the interest rate of 13.1%.

 Urban Microcredit:

Nabolok has urban microcredit loan provision on crop cultivation, rice cultivation, poultry, fisheries, van and rickshaw. The limit of the loan is 5,000 tk -29,000 tk with the interest rate of 13.1%. In the financial year 2013-2014 Nabolok has facilitate 8576 beneficiaries through urban microcredit program disbursing 15350000/= Tk.

 Micro-Enterprise Loan:

To develop entrepreneurship Nabolok starts Micro Enterprise Loan among the progressive group members with the help of PKSF and have loan provision on small scale business having trade license. The limit of the loan is Tk 30,000 to Tk 10, 00,000. Only the graduate member of the micro credit groups is selected as the able person for receiving this micro enterprise loan.

 Seasonal Loan:

Nabolok is providing it’s seasonal loan onCrab, Paddy, Shrimp and sweet water fish at Khulna & Bagerhat district through 13 branch offices. The limit of the loan is 5,000 tk-50,000 tk. Beside the loan provision Nabolok technical support unit (Fisheries, Agriculture, Livestock) conduct technical training session to the field based group farmers for systematic culture practice, arranged field based demonstration model, conduct community meeting, arranged cross visit, developed training materials, provide support on soil & water quality testing through testing kids and tried to change their practices from traditional culture to improved integrated culture practice. As a result few farmers got the positive result to their gher and got more profit also can overcome the product damages.

 Agricultural Loan:

Nabolok believes that agriculture is the life of the Bangladesh economy. With such a life force, agriculture remains the backbone of the country’s economy and will remain so. Life for the people of Bangladesh has become hard due to the unusual rise in the price of food grains, especially their mainstaple rice. The common people of the country are passing through hard days, especially as the poor have to spend nearly 80% of their incomes on food alone. To ensure sustainable agriculture Nabolok provide agricultural loan to the poor farmers on rice cultivation, fish culture, vegetable cultivation, poultry farming, livestock rearing, nursery &forestry, crab fattening according to it’s loan scheme. The limit of the loan is 5,000 tk-50,000 tk

Ultra Poor Loan:

Nabolok has a special loan scheme for it’s ultra poor beneficiaries having no land with 10% interest rate. The limit of the loan is 3,000 tk -20,000 tk.

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